Michael Hanley

“A committed advocate for digital transformation & technology-enabled learning as a path to unlocking peoples’ abilities.”

Michael Hanley Profile PhotoDigital Learning Consulting (formerly Michael Hanley Consulting) was founded by Michael Hanley, an expert in managing workplace education and professional development. He focuses on finding innovative ways to develop and operationalise effective approaches to work-based learning, specifically planning, designing, and managing learning & development programmes for organisations. Highly motivated and professional, he combines excellent technical skills with strong leadership capabilities; he is  outcomes-driven with a proven record in effecting positive change in organisations. Michael has an MSc (Hons) in Education & Technology. He is a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD).

Professional Experience

In the last two decades, Michael has worked for start-ups, PLCs, large enterprises, and academic institutions. He’s an associate lecturer in Maynooth University, and a visiting scholar at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He frequently speaks at international conference on workplace learning and education topics. He has consulted for organisations including the ECDL Foundation, University College, Cork, and the Centre for Research and Innovation in Learning Technology in the National College of Ireland.

As an Educator

While his primary area of focus is digital learning, he is also an experienced classroom instructor. Over the last twenty years Michael has trained, lectured, and coached over 10,000 business professionals in twenty countries, across hundreds of organisations, including many of the world’s largest and most successful companies. His enthusiasm for education is matched only by his expertise in using digital and traditional learning methods to train people in a range of disciplines.

Teaching Style

Michael’s teaching style is highly interactive, practical, and participative. A credible and effective communicator, he easily and naturally engage with any groups of any size or level. When training, my depth and breadth of both business and training experience enables him to call on a huge reserve of relevant and insightful examples and case-studies to align learning objectives with real world experience. A key aspect of his expertise is the ability to design and facilitate high-quality learning activities to increase the effect, engagement, and enjoyment of helping people learn useful and valuable knowledge and skills.

Other Areas of Focus

As well as regularly leading designing, developing and delivering professional training, lecturing, and conference speaking, Michael maintains the popular E-Learning Curve Blog; you can find the latest posts here. He also presents on the Elearning Guild Online Forum and has written on education-related topics for a number of publications including IITD’s T&D magazine

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Digital Learning Consulting was formerly known as Michael Hanley Consulting.

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