Diagnose Learning Needs

Learning Needs Analysis

Well-designed training starts with the learner at the centre. Identifying your learning and development needs involves the assessment of your peoples’ knowledge and skills, together with an understanding of current or anticipated gaps in competency. The purpose of learning needs analysis is to identify the appropriate learning and training interventions to enable improved individual performance, in alignment to your overall business goals. When we understand your learners and your business objectives, we can recommend the best possible approach.

We advise on aligning instruction with learning outcomes, best use of educational technology, developing assessment strategies, and best approaches for learner engagement. It’s important to identify learning needs before trying to implement new learning and training initiatives. MHC’s approach is to assess learning needs at four levels:

  1. Needs of the Organisation
  2. Team / Department Learning Needs
  3. Role-Base Learning Needs
  4. Personal Learning Needs

This approach is effective because knowledge and skill gaps are readily identified, learning can be tailored to your unique business requirements, prioritised, and implemented to enable the performance that gives your business a  competitive advantage.

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Performance Gap Analysis

A performance gap analysis determines the competencies that people show when they perform a task, in the context of the optimal competencies they need to exhibit to perform that task more effectively. In one way, a performance gap analysis is similar to a learning needs analysis in that it

• Identifies a problem
• Sets criteria for what on-the-job performance is occurring versus what should be occurring
• Determines the factors impacting performance

More broadly, evaluating the combined competencies of your team enables us to understand the gap between how well they’re currently performing against the required performance level for organisation effectiveness and efficiency. Based on the results of a Performance Gap Analysis MHC can identify appropriate training interventions to “bridge the gap” and enhance your peoples’ ability to contribute to your company’s success.

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Current Training Evaluation

Does your current training give you the return on investment you expect? Without a training evaluation it’s hard to know if the investment in learning has had the desired result. We use Donald Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model to assess the effectiveness of learning initiatives, combined with Jack Phillips’ ROI Methodology. We can assist you by evaluating your current training programmes, and advise improvements in terms of:

  • Learners’ Reaction to Training
  • Effectiveness of Learning Transfer
  • Measuring Behaviour Change
  • Quantifying Organisational Benefits of Training
  • Return on Investment in Training

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